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Closer - trailer

This film set out to investigate the story of an innovative idea to connect scientists and artists collaborating on exciting new research projects with the uniquely talented team at the Glass Factory in Boda, by using the internet to promote the idea of remote making. Boda Glassworks, situated in a remote village in the forests of Småland, Sweden, was once part of an extensive area of glass production commonly known as the Kingdom of Crystal. It soon became clear however, that the story of the factory was also the story of the region and the changes wrought by the end of large-scale industrial glass production. Leaving behind an economic and social vacuum, the ripples of which were felt in communities beyond Sweden’s borders, in a pattern already experienced in many communities across Europe, questioning our concepts of national industry in a globalised post-industrial setting.

Stills Rod Morris, John Sunderland
Music David Hillowitz "Monplaisir"
Editing, camera Rod Morris
Producer Matt Durran
Director Rod Morris
RoadFactory Films
Co-producer The Glass Factory