Emmaboda Kommun


Boda Back in Business!
In the 1960s and 70s Boda teemed with life and creativity. This was the place where Boda Smithy, Boda Wood and Boda Nova were founded. But above all glass was given new and unique shapes by legends such as Erik Höglund, Signe Persson-Melin, Monica Backström, Rolf Sinnemark and Kjell Engman.

In 2009 the Municipality of Emmaboda secured the extensive historical glass collections from Boda, Kosta and Åfors glassworks. Boda, where such great creativity has flourished, is the location of The Glass Factory – one of Scandinavia’s largest glass museums.

Experience-based, interactive glass museum – with its finger on the pulse!

The Glass Factory is an experience-based, interactive glass museum with a quality-assured operation located in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. The museum serves as a knowledge centre and creative meeting place for artists, designers and visitors.

Sweden’s only reoriented glass museum – A knowledge centre where history provides perspective on the present!

The Glass Factory has Sweden’s most comprehensive collection of art glass, which consists of about 30,000 objects from various glassworks by more than 40 artists who have worked with glass. As a result The Glass Factory is Sweden’s only re-oriented glass museum that can create a distinctive, all-inclusive identity for itself with its continuous and quality-assured glass activities. These will include temporary exhibitions, hot spots, core collection exhibitions, presentation of exhibitions for children and young people as well as an expanded programme of activities, with lectures, happenings, glass shows, theatre performances and workshops.

The Glass Factory will offer an extensive variety of shows with different perspectives both for adults and for children and young people as well as a quality-assured programme of educational activities.

Creative meeting place for collaboration, participation and experimental processes!

The museum should be a participant in the public dialogue. The experience and the visitor are the focal points. The Glass Factory is actively engaged in bringing together various participants from different disciplines, such as handicrafts, theatre and cinema. External collaborators will be invited to actively participate in producing exhibitions and to work with the collections.

The hot shop as the heart – international exchanges, diversity and artistic excellence!

A pivotal part of the museum’s activities is the hot shop. The hot shop has a core production of high artistic quality as a basis for operations. In addition glass shows, happenings, demonstrations and other events will take place there. Contemporary national and international artists and designers will be invited to experiment with glass as a material and to discover new means of expression. Visitors will have an opportunity to give it a try and to find out how it feels to work with glass and develop their creative abilities.

A forum for artistic renewal and quality that promotes the development of Swedish glass and broadens the concept of glass!

Through activities in the hot shop, through presentation of exhibitions, programmes and interdisciplinary experimental collaboration and through national and international exchanges, The Glass Factory is actively engaged in enhancing, developing and strengthening glass as an art form in Sweden.

The regional development factor!

Through its role as a creative meeting place for national and international participants within the realm of glass, The Glass Factory serves as a revitalising force for the Kingdom of Crystal’s future and its glass production. The Glass Factory acts as a catalyst for development throughout the region and has a quality-assured creative operation with an international identity that can advance everyone’s opportunities for cultural experiences.


Senast uppdaterad: 31 January 2017