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Varité is a collection designed by Simon Klenell, produced by The Glass Factory in Boda Glasbruk. A small factory town in the Kingdom of crystal in Sweden.

Clear 1900.-
Ruby red 1900.-
Olivegreen 1900.-

Clear 1400.-
Ruby red 1400.-
Olivegreen 1400.-

Clear 900.-
Ruby red 900.-
Olivegreen 900.-

The series is based on two of the main characteristics of glass. Frozen brilliance and fluidity. Each piece in the series is mould blown and hand manipulated to bring out the poetic movement and optical effect in the material. Since the characteristics of the pieces are achieved by an element of randomness, each piece is unique.

The series consists of three parts. A vase, a small bowl and a big bowl. Varité comes in three different colors. Ruby, olive green and clear glass.

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