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Glass 300,- Decanter 600,- Plate 950,-

"Tip is tableware we designed during the exhibition" Cyrén Cyrén Cyrén ", three generations exhibiting together.

Spontaneously we felt that a crockery in a few parts would be appropriate. In view of our joint exhibition, we would like to produce something from all three of us. Gunnar once designed a candlestick with conical foot in the 90's, it became our starting point.

Before the plastic broke through, a simpler form of tableware called “saftservis” was made for cold drinks during hot summer days. They were often made in some "happy" color that suited the children's palace. We have chosen to make a modern interpretation and have developed a simple tableware in three parts; drinking glass, carafe and barrel.
This is how it is now, our version. We think that the “saftservis” has grown up. Of course you can drink juice in it but surely also wine or beer. "
Mårten & Carl Cyrén

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