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The collection, designed by Åsa Jungnelius exclusively for The Glass Factory, is made entirely by hand in The Glass Factory's hot shop and carries strong references to The Kingdom of Crystal’s history  and the museum’s extensive glass collection.


Decanter 599 SEK, Wine glass 499 SEK, Cylinder vase 599 SEK, Bowl 349 SEK.

Well-known objects, such as the phallus-shaped decanter, are given a new twist, as well as the tableware range with different structures linking it to Boda’s long-standing tradition of practical everyday objects in flared transparent glass.

“During the breaks in the hot shop, glassblowers had the opportunity to work on their own designs - allowing them to freely develop their craftsmanship. Certain types of objects were more common than others; perhaps because they required a lot of skill and triggered a sort of competition in craftsmanship, or simply because the designs were considered amusing. The new souvenirs from Boda provide an affectionate interpretation of this tradition."

“Glass for everyday use should stand the test of time. I can’t say I’ve worked with simple shapes, as making them requires many years of training, but my ambition is simple: the objects should be almost like artefacts. The objects are blown and flared in the hot shop – the entire manufacturing process takes place then and there in the molten glass. This process allows for a glass object which is more durable and can stand the wear and tear of everyday use. The décor is transparent; other materials such as sawdust, cork, and water have given structure to the material.”

Åsa Jungnelius

kollektion åsa

Phallus-shaped decanter 499 kr, Troll 349 SEK, Piggy bank 499 kr, Sugar dispenser 499 kr, Pacifier 399 kr, Dog decanter 995 kr.

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