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Isa Andersson, Beckmans School of Design

Production-based residencies in association with colleges and universities such as The University College of Art and Design, Beckmans School of Design, Linnaeus University, KHIO, ArtEz.

A residency for recent graduates who have worked with glass as a material or its context in their artistic practice.

The Glass Factory Hot Shop is located in the museum, and is an open platform for craftspeople, artists and designers. Its purpose is to encourage innovative development of glass as a material - regionally, nationally and internationally. Using artistic research, educational work, craft, and individual artistry the future of glass will be explored and developed in order to create a sustainable, long-term renewal based on the knowledge of and within the material.


  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree (up to two years after graduation)
  • A well documented interest for the material/the context of glass
  • A high level of artistry, craft skills or design within your practice

The stay is two weeks long with free access to all workshop equipment and support from technicians. Accommodation is offered at the museum's hostel for visiting artists. Compensation for one trip by train or car within Sweden is given. A project space next to the workshop is at your disposal during your stay.

All work is open to the museum's visitors. When the stay is completed, the practitioner shall donate a work/object/result to The Glass Factory's collection and accomplish a viewing/presentation or an exhibition, depending on the nature of the work.

Application is made in a PDF format with a project description of the planned work and a biography/CV, 4000 characters maximum, and 10 images of the applicant's work.

The decision is made public in June, and the grant is given in conjunction with The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design's graduation ceremony. The selection is made by The Glass Factory's artistic and strategic council.

 Applicable from February 23rd to March 31rd, 2017.

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