Emmaboda Kommun


Welcome to "Artist talk" - Touching Darkness, saturday 14/9, at. 14.00

Archaeologist and artist John Sunderland has spent the last three months investigating the empty buildings in and around Boda. This has culminated in the exhibition Touching
Darkness in The Glass Factory from the 14th September to 20th October.

The 14th of September he will be giving a talk about the discoveries he has made as a
result of investigating the changing landscapes of Boda through the dual lenses
of archaeology and art. In this process John has worked to document empty buildings
using techniques of mapping, drawing and photography. He has also retrieved objects
from these sites that were recorded and then used as source material for
artistic practice. Through this, John has discovered many narratives, ranging
from material evidence of past habitation to evocations of the intangible atmospheres
of Boda that make it a distinct place. In this talk he will discuss these
narratives and how, at times, traces of darkness have become apparent to him
whilst working in these abandoned and forested environments.

Entrance fee 60.- , swedish fika included.