Emmaboda Kommun


Are you curious about The Kingdom of Crystal and all of its secrets? With the help of our various senses we explore how the people, the artists and glass workers have lived, and research how glass has evolved and developed from The Kingdom of Crystal's origin until today.

Our permanent exhibition

Using the exhibition as a starting point, we talk, become inspired and create our own works in the museum studio. We try painting and engraving glass, two historical techniques which have evolved through the history of glass.

Fee per group: Educational program with a guided tour of the exhibition, 600 SEK, plus fee for materials 70 SEK per student. Maximum of 30 students in each group.

Time frame: Educational program 2 hours, the guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes.

Contact and booking: Maja Heuer, maja.heuer@emmaboda.se, 0471-24 92 20

Senast uppdaterad: 16 March 2017