Visit the museum's hotshop! The glass studio is located in The Glass Factory's facilities. It gives an extra dimension to the exhibits when the visitor can see the glass manufacturing process and get to experience the whole process from the glowing molten glass to the finished object, and its cultural history.

In addition to organized events like glass shows, corporate events, happenings, shows and residencies, etc. Contemporary Swedish and international artists and designers are invited to work and experiment with the material glass and find new expression. Visitors are integrated into museum activities and have the opportunity to try and explore how it feels to work with glass and develop their creative abilities.

The Glass Factory develops innovative regional, Swedish and international projects. This is to create a sustainable and long-term renewal of the internship. The goal is to initiate interdisciplinary collaborations to create long-lasting effects that contribute to "The Kingdom of Crystal's" development. With the help of artistic research, educational work and individual artists, the future of glass will be explored and developed.


An electric glass furnace Wet Dog 180 kg pot

Two Gloryholes with Hexadoor: -Medium 600 mm, 300 mm, 300 mm, 800 -Big mm, 550 mm, 500 mm

Two annealing ovens: -Medium 800 mm D 500 mm H 500 mm W -Large 1230 mm D 760 mm W 1300 mm H Small pick up, kiln- round 230 mm D 330 mm W 330 mm

Pipewarmer / Color heaters and Pipecooler


3 oxygen burners Well Ink: 2x small, one big Marver

Large fusing oven (D 800 mm, 1000 mm W 250 mm H)