Emmaboda Kommun

19/10 - 29/2  "MÖTEN - ETT ANNAT NU" - BARROLEVéN


Glass artist duo BarroLevén investigates meetings. Between glass and room, light and shadow, movement and stillness. They move between traditional glass crafts and searching experiments.

Opening 19/10 at. 11.00


In the meeting between the clear, clean hot glass and the raw, industrial insulation product Foam glass, reactions occur and new expressions emerge. The grotesque and the beautiful are kept side by side. The glass as sculpture, film and projection builds a spatial installation where the perspectives alternate, between micro and macro, the interior and the exterior.

Ulrika Barr and Kristina Levén began their collaboration during their studies at Konstfack, where BarroLevén emerged as a third artist, in the meeting between the two. They examine the glass as an atmospheric creator in relation to space and are directed to places for pause, recovery and contemplation.