Emmaboda Kommun

24/10-18/1 2020 LABORATORIET

This project is a collaboration between The Glass Factory and the two glass artists Evelina Dovsten and Kristin Larsson. The exhibition consists of two phases: a production phase and an exhibition phases. Both open for visitors.

The project stated with a donation of lab glass equipment to the two artists from the governmental research institute RISE in Stockholm. The material is going to be divided between the two artists who are going to work with it separately hidden from each other, but open for visitors to study the artists individual expression.

Hidden from each other but open for others the two artists will build up work in the divided space. Visitors can follow the ongoing work at The Glass Factory's webpage and instagram. After a 3 veek long production phase the two work will unite and the two artists are going to be able to see the two works together. The exhibition phase is beginning and the documentation and work is being exhibited for a longer period at The Glass Factory.

A unique opportunity for the visitor to get an insight into what the artistic process can be and what it looks like. Evelina Dovsten and Kristin Larsson has always turned to each other to discuss their work, now separated only to use the visitors to the museum as a discussion partner.

Both Evelina Dovsten and Kristin Larsson are trained glassblowers from the studio glass tradition. First time they blew glass together was 2006 and has since then followed each other.

In addition to their individual careers they have exhibited at Galleri Glass with the project The After Party together 2017.