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The 1980s became a beneficial decade for Swedish glass. Demand
increased and a large amount of government funds were given
to the glass industry. At the same time, the Swedish krona was
also devalued, favoring the export of large quantities of glass products. The 1980s were also the decade when the studio glass got
its breakthrough, the strong colors and geometric shapes made its
mark and the concept of the Kingdom of Crystal was launched.

The 1980’s expansive ”Boom-feeling” with its new products and focus on the art glass adds much to the development in the Kingdom of Crystal today. The glass was seen as a status symbol that was important to have in each home such as tableware for fine
dining or art glass to collect. Even today when the Kingdom of Crystal has undergone a transformation, there is focus on new, innovative products, art glass and young designers and artists who shape the future of the glass.

Participating artists:

Birgitta Ahlin, Sirkka Lehtonen, Kjell Engman, Åsa Brandt, Ulla Forsell, Anna Carlgren, Richard Rackham, Lars Hellsten, Bertil Vallien, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Monica Backström, Ann Wåhlström, Gunnel Sahlin, Erika Lagerbielke, Rolf Sinnemark, Anne Nilsson, Bengt Edenfalk, Ingegerd Råman, Matz Borgström, Gun Lindblad

13.00 ”Dreams of glass”, concert with Gretli & Heidi which plays some of the greatest 80s hits on glass harp. Opening ceremony.

14.30 Lecture ”Post-modernism in the hot shop”. Art historian expert Li Pamp
tells about the 80's glass boom.

15.15-16.15 Demo in the hot shop, ” Trådar/Threads” with the artist Ann Wåhlström and ”POP” with the artist Nina Westman.

16.15 award of The Glass Factorys special price and awarding of Bengt Heintze-scholarship with the artists Jan-Erik Ritzman and Lars Hellsten among others.

Moderator is the artist Markus Emilsson.

Senast uppdaterad: 15 June 2018